Privacy Policy

We protect the user's personal information and data.

1 protection.

Our company is committed to protecting your privacy. We are the only legitimate way (according to the "Internet Information Services, and other relevant data protection regulations) the collection and use of your information. Please note that your use of this site shall comply with this privacy policy ("Policy") and published on the website of the Terms of Use Agreement ("the terms of the agreement"). Description of the policy of the following situations: what information, how we use and / or share this information, and how to protect the information collected on the site. Your use of this website indicates that you accept this policy. If you do not agree to all or part of the contents of the terms and conditions of this policy, please do not use this website. Please note that this policy applies only to information collected through the website, does not apply to information obtained through other methods or sources of information. The policy to ensure that any information provided to us are in private and protected. To achieve this goal, we make provisions for the following: what information you provide us with the information on how to use, the information shall not be used under what circumstances. , We do not collect information about any sensitive information without your express consent. We will endeavor to ensure that the latest information we have is accurate and based on the information you have provided it. If you inform us inaccurate information, we will immediately delete or correct.

2 personal identification information

We collect personally identifiable information about your registration or reply to a request for information when voluntarily provide information. We can also collect your Internet Protocol address ("IP address"), to help diagnose and manage this website through our servers. IP address refers to the number assigned to your computer when you use the Internet. Your IP address can also be used to help you identify a particular period and collect a wide range of statistical data. We may be required to provide the e-mail address when you use the site. And, for the purchase of the vouchers, we may ask you to provide some or all of the following personal identification information: name, recipient address, email address, date of birth, identity card number, telephone number and payment details (such as credit card information).

3. The use and sharing of personal identification information

All personal identifying information should be preserved according to the 2000 "Internet Information Services" and other relevant data protection regulations. We use your personally identifiable information in order to provide you with information to better provide you with services and our own advertising. Our principle is not to sell or provide your personally identifiable information to any other institutions outside our Group, but for the purpose of fraud prevention and investigation in accordance with the law and must provide exceptions. Without your consent, we will never for any third party for marketing purposes, which was disclosed, sell or rent your personal identification information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may provide your personally identifiable information to our agents and subcontractors to help us to use your data in accordance with the provisions of this policy. For example, we may send the information to the credit card service providers to complete the payment process. In addition, we always have the right to disclose personal proprietary information for the following purposes: (a) comply with the provisions of applicable law; (b) the question of the government departments or quasi-government sector; or (c) in accordance with the law to protect our rights or property, the website and / or other users of this website. Please note that In addition to the above provisions on the sharing of personal identifying information, we may send your information to other countries, including sent to countries outside of China, to meet the needs of our business and management. We will be in accordance with the provisions of China's network and information security outside of the above information transmission. Parts outside China may not have information related to the protection of the law, or the level of protection for personal identification is less than the degree of protection provided by China. Your personal identification information submitted to us, you are confirming that: Although we use your information in accordance with the policies and regulations, but we will not be liable to receive and process your data to the third party to use your data to any liability.

4. Cookies

We will use cookie technology and data stored on your computer through your browser. Many websites using this technology, because Cookie enables website operators to complete the necessary work, including finding whether the computer (and its users) have access to this site. You can usually change your browser to prevent this feature of the Cookie. However, if you change the browser service (and website) may not function properly. The information stored in the Cookie for your identification. The technology allows us to provide efficient service to confirm the behavior patterns of Web site visitors. In addition, in the process of sending advertising (if any) to the site, third-party advertisers or advertising services providers may be placed on your browser or recognize a unique Cookie file. The third-party advertisers or advertising service providers use cookies from the policy constraints, while bound by their respective privacy policies. (Please note that minors under the age of 18 should not use this website.)


Please note that we may for the purpose of sending you e-mail and / or SMS: (a) As part of the service to send you e-mail and / or SMS. For example, we may in the following circumstances to send you mail; (b) send you an email and / or SMS registration is completed, inform your Account Details; (c), in relation to the services we offer to send you a prompt nature of e-mail and / or short message (especially in case you have not used or shorter); (d) to send you the information requested or vouchers; (e) send news; (f) send promotional mail and / or SMS;, and (g) to provide related services. But the news, we may send marketing or promotional mail and / or SMS, we will then provide you refuse (or cancel) the selection of the service.

6. Information security and preservation

We will properly held personally identifiable information in accordance with our internal security policy and relevant laws and regulations. We will save the data in the five years after the data to stop using. About the transfer of information between the website and the user, although we will take reasonable steps to protect the information, but we may not be able to prevent third parties from unauthorized access to the information or inadvertently leaked during transfer. Users should be aware that there may be the risk of contact with the site.

7. In certain circumstances, the transfer

If any sale, merger, merger, control over the change, a significant transfer of assets, reorganization or liquidation, we may decide to transfer, sell to the third party, or allow the information collected on this site (including but not limited to personal proprietary information and other息)。

8. Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us

9. Changes to this Policy

Please note that this policy constitutes an integral part of the terms of this website as well as a part of you and we have agreed. We can perfect this policy from time to time in accordance with applicable law. Any changes in the policy will be effective immediately modify the content in this website. We will change the nature of the content, through the home page or e-mail (if you provide us with your e-mail) announced the change. But in any case, if you continue to use after the change of this website, you will be deemed to have agreed to such changes. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of the policy and modify all or part of the contents of the termination of your use of this site.