What can be done with EPS


Expanded Polystyrene (EPS, also called styrofoam , isopor) is a kind of lightweight polymer. It is a foamed plastic which is polystyrene resin added with a foaming agent , meanwhile heated and soften , generate a gas to form a hard closed cell structure.

EPS is widely used in construction, insulation, electronic packaging, refrigeration, daily necessities, industrial casting, etc.. EPS can be used for producing the foam product as following :

EPS Fish Box :


The foam box is light weight, low cost, environmentally friendly and has good insulation effect. The fish transported in a EPS foam box filled with ice will enjoy a good insurance effect.


EPS Vegetable Box and Fruit Box:

Same as EPS fish box , put the vegetable or fruit into the EPS foam box , the EPS box will help protect and keep fresh for them .


EPS Electrical Package:

EPS electrical foam package has very good impact resistance . It can protect the electric appliance when there is any vibration or shock during transport, The gas in the foam will be tightened so that the energy from the outside is consumed, and then the impact is reduced. It has a very good shockproof effect and also has good antistatic properties.


EPS ICF Block :

EPS ICF block is an insulated building structure that is easy to manufacture and be used for house building . It has very good thermal and acoustic insulation.



Building Decoration:

EPS decorative components are mainly used for door covers, window frames, corner lines, waist lines and court posts in villas of European style residential areas, hotels and commercial streets. In the 1980s, it was the first to be widely used in Europe and the United States, and it is an epoch-making upgrade of traditional GRC components.

The EPS decoration is made of high-strength flame-retardant polystyrene, the alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh is used as the intermediate layer, and the outer layer is compounded by the inorganic anti-aging polymer emulsion. The product is light in weight and resistant to impact. High strength, excellent water resistance and good toughness.

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